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Your data layer is ready…NoSQL DBaaS that's always on, scales massively, and managed 24x7 by the big data experts at Cloudant.

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Cloudant and SoftLayer:
offering database-as-a-service to clients

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Cloudant’s distributed database as a service (DBaaS) allows developers of fast-growing web and mobile apps to focus on building and improving their products, instead of worrying about scaling and managing databases on their own. Highly available, durable and feature-rich, our data store is built for scaling, optimized for concurrent reads & writes, and handles a wide variety of data types including JSON, full-text, and geospatial.

Cloudant is built from the ground up to scale globally, like a CDN for your database.

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Cloudant comes as both a multi-tenant and dedicated service offering. Multi-tenant users are charged monthly based on data volume and HTTP usage. Dedicated customers are billed per server in their cluster. Cost depends on the specification of the box.

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