Cloudant Accelerator Program

Grow into dedicated Cloudant infrastructure on a plan that makes sense.

The Accelerator Program provides Cloudant’s full DBaaS solution at a reduced cost (a 50 percent discount) for three months, with the option to extend the discount for an additional three months if development has been delayed. Participants can opt out at the end of a 3-month period with no penalty.

Startups on the Cloudant Accelerator Program get:

  • A dedicated three-node database cluster and load-balancer
  • Choice of Rackspace or SoftLayer infrastructure
  • Technical Account Manager (TAM) service
  • To qualify, your startup must:

    • Develop mobile or Web applications
    • Have fewer than 30 employees
    • Be VC-backed
    • Be in the pre-revenue stage of its business

    For more information, contact