Cloudant and StackOverflow

By Diana Thayer

The Cloudant and CouchDB communities have used StackOverflow, a Question and Answer site serving the developer community, for some time now to help one another build ever cooler apps. But as of today, we're embracing StackOverflow as a core part of how we support these developer communities. If you're having a problem with our platform, search for Cloudant on StackOverflow. If you don't find an answer, post your question there with the tag "cloudant", and we'll hop on it ASAP.

Of course, we'll continue to provide and improve our existing support channels. In general, here's where to go based on what kind of problem you've got:

  • You got an error: post your question to Stack Overflow with the "cloudant" tag
  • You want to know how to...: check out our For Developers section for docs and examples.
  • You need someone to talk to: visit us on IRC in the #cloudant channel.
  • You'd rather discuss it in private: email us at

In fact, improving Cloudant support channels is my first mission as a new developer advocate. After teaching students at the Boston Startup Institute how to turn their passions into a living, and making data relentlessly available with Backupify, I've come to Cloudant to make acts of creation, no matter the scale or ambition, effortless for developers everywhere.

Happy coding!

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