Green Man Gaming Contributes Cross-Cloud Nginx Config from AWS to Cloudant

By Mike Broberg

In September we issued a press announcement with Green Man Gaming (@GreenManGaming), which showcased how Cloudant is helping to scale their digital e-commerce site as business has grown. The company's application servers and back-end infrastructure are designed to scale independently to accommodate different workloads. Green Man Gaming application servers are hosted on AWS US East, and Cloudant manages their database services on bare-metal infrastructure in IBM SoftLayer's East Coast data center.

Today, they'd like to contribute a connecting piece of their cloud tooling that helps makes it possible.

Learn how Cloudant manages distributed infrastructure across cloud providers: Webcast Dec. 5, 2 p.m.

Here's an overview of where Green Man Gaming's infrastructure resides:

Green Man Gaming uses Cloudant to redundantly store and confidently support massive traffic spikes brought on by rapid growth. The digital retailer stores 500 gigabytes of data on Cloudant, which is stored in triplicate across its database cluster to ensure high availability. Cloudant MapReduce processes user data faster at large scale.

Processing this data in the cloud means that Green Man Gaming focuses on data security, integrity and the smooth operation of its infrastructure running. The proximity of both data centers, along with a special Nginx configuration script, mean that Green Man Gaming experiences only 1 millisecond of latency between cloud providers.

The e-commerce site has two dedicated AWS instances running Nginx as a reverse proxy to encrypt and decrypt SSL traffic between their application servers and Cloudant. The reverse proxy also adds in Cloudant-specific credentials and maintains persistent connections, minimizing network latency and allowing them to migrate from a local database instance to Cloudant without changing any of their existing code.

Green Man Gaming EVP of Engineering Lee Packham (@Joolz) is sharing this Nginx configuration here: check it out on GitHub. Hopefully it will help others wanting to connect their application tier to Cloudant through Nginx.

The design allows for elastic scalability between Green Man Gaming's application tier and data tier. Lee explains: “In the video games market, we have website traffic spikes that are tremendously quick, high, and die fast. The spikes we had this time last year are literally ripples compared to the spikes we're generating in 2013. Peak concurrency in spikes now is 10x the peak concurrency we had 12 months ago. The need to scale with the help of Cloudant was a necessity and they have been a fantastic partner to work with.”

At Cloudant, we're proud to be a part of that growth. Cheers to Lee and the team at Green Man Gaming. Here's to a successful holiday shopping season!

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