How Cloudant Builds on Apache CouchDB™ [recorded webcast]

By Mike Broberg

Our CTO and Co-Founder Adam Kocoloski had the privilege to speak at StampedeCon in St. Louis last month. The 2013 edition of the conference featured speakers from Walmart, Sears, Riot Games, Cerner, Sumo Logic, Oracle, IBM, MapR and others talking about how their organizations use big data — things like Hadoop, MapReduce, machine learning, and data warehousing.

As one of the few operational data stores on the schedule, Adam did his part by discussing some of the internals of CouchDB and explaining how Cloudant has reused and expanded on several of its core components to build our globally distributed database service.

In this recorded webcast, Adam talks about how the underlying data structures and design of CouchDB are well-suited to solving distributed data problems. Here, have a look (questions and comments are welcome below!):

Adam Kocoloski on the role that CouchDB and its append-only storage model, sequence trees, and replication capabilities play at Cloudant.

Adam Kocoloski, Co-Founder and CTO, Cloudant.

StampedeCon also graciously posted Adam’s slides, if you’d like to follow along.

For more on how Cloudant works, see our For Developers walk-throughs or Create an account and try it yourself

-- Mike Broberg, marketing communications manager, Cloudant

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