Menuat is transforming the restaurant industry…starting with the menu

By Cheri Bergeron

Locally owned restaurants hold a special place in our communities. They also hold a special place in the heart of Jeff Charette, co-founder of Menuat. Last week at the IBM InterConnect conference, Jeff shared Menuat’s mission to connect local restaurants to the Internet of Things to help them thrive and serve their customers better.

Jeff aims to transform the restaurant industry, starting with the menu. Restaurant owners face constant changes in staffing, ingredients, seasons, and the cost of supplies – all of which influence the menu. However, they often miss opportunities to thrive due to outdated and inflexible printed menus.

Menuat is an all digital all device menu for restaurant and bars. Using the Menuat platform, restaurant owners can respond in real-time to changing conditions and have menu changes display immediately in-store, online, and on their customer’s mobile devices. At the same time, each restaurant’s menu is searchable, by keyword or ingredient, so customers are able to quickly find their favorite foods.

The Menuat offering was built from the ground up to be scalable and easy to develop with the platform coded 99% in JavaScript. The IBM Cloudant DBaaS was selected as the foundation for the Menuat solution because the Apache CouchDB JSON data store offered a schemaless content management system with fault tolerance and high availability at an affordable price. Menuat is now adding Cloudant’s geospatial search capability to their offering to provide local relevance for its users – Jeff jokingly calls it “the perfect byte of technology”.

At InterConnect, Jeff announced the MenuatGO offering, a turnkey digital menu service backed by IBM Cloudant’s high performance backend, where restaurants can get started for as little as $10.00 per month and a $495.00 initial setup fee.

Menuat promises to be a game changer for small restaurants, and we'll be sure to keep you posted on their progress as they expand nationally. Watch the video of Jeff’s presentation on InterConnectGO.

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