The Future of Apache CouchDB

By Adam Kocoloski

The future of CouchDB is Apache CouchDB.

Cloudant over the past 3 years has built and refined BigCouch, a fault-tolerant, horizontally scalable clustering framework purpose-built for CouchDB. Today we announce our intent to contribute this work back to the community. Working with the ASF and the CouchDB community, we hope to integrate the core capabilities of BigCouch into Apache CouchDB. Hopefully this will put to rest the tired (and false) "CouchDB doesn't scale" meme. BigCouch forms the bedrock of a globally distributed, sophisticated technology stack that we've had in production operation for over two years at scale.

Those of you building applications with CouchDB know that its performance has been improving by leaps and bounds. We've achieved this through low-level implementations of performance-critical routines and smart refactoring of the Erlang codebase, but without sacrificing the rock-solid durability and stable REST API people have come to expect from CouchDB. The growing community of active committers includes passionate, stellar developers. More and more people are using CouchDB for projects, big and small, every day.

We, along with a host of other companies, strongly support the open source community in building CouchDB and we do not plan on stopping. We have been fortunate in our ability to attract outstanding engineers, investors, and customers. We intend to continue devoting resources to Apache CouchDB and offer our help in any way the community desires. The future of CouchDB is CouchDB.

Damien Katz has been an excellent founder and steward of CouchDB. It's been an honor to work with him, and we wish him well in his new location and mission.

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