IBM Bluemix – Cloudant

Cloudant is available on IBM's fully featured cloud platform, IBM Bluemix.

Why Cloudant on Bluemix?

  • Single ID – Single login to provision and manage several Cloudant instances along with any other Bluemix services such as runtimes and databases
  • Account Features – Consolidated bill, spending notifications, and organizational access
  • Compliance – ISO27001 and SOC2 Type 1 certified; HIPAA available upon request
  • Support – Optional Standard and Premium support with SLA on response times available to all users
  • Hybrid Cloud – Availability in Public cloud, Dedicated isolated environment, Local (on-premise), and OSS (Apache CouchDB)
  • Improved Pricing – Provisioned throughput capacity pricing model (see below), available pay-as-you-go or with discounts for subscriptions

New Consumption-Based Pricing Model

Cloudant on Bluemix has new predictable yet elastic pricing plans based on provisioned throughput capacity and storage.

Provision a free Lite plan or upgrade to the paid Standard plan in the Bluemix catalog.

In the Cloudant Dashboard, select throughput capacity for your account.

View throughput and disk-space usage in real time.


Cloudant is priced according to provisioned throughput capacity allocated and data storage used.
There is a perpetually free Lite tier for evaluation and development.
The paid Standard plan offers configurable provisioned throughput capacity and data storage pricing that scales as your application requirements change. Standard plan metrics are billed on an hourly basis with the approximate monthly costs shown for various configurations below.

Bluemix Plan Lite Standard
Base Price $0 $0.11/hour
Provisioned Throughput Capacity
(Per Second)
Lookups 20 100 1,000 5,000 20,000
Writes 10 50 500 2,500 10,000
Queries 5 5 50 250 1,000
Disk Space Included 1GB 20GB
Overage N/A $.0014/GB-hour

Single-tenant dedicated environments to host any number of Cloudant Standard accounts are available as an optional purchase in your choice of worldwide locations.

Bluemix Pricing Calculator Use Cloudant on Bluemix

Global Deployment

Address regulatory considerations and locate compute and data where they best serve users.

Bluemix Public multi-tenant deployments available in US South, UK, and Sydney.
Dedicated isolated environments (stand-alone or via Bluemix Dedicated) available in over 25 global data centers.

Developing for Cloudant on Bluemix

Build scalable web, mobile, and IoT applications on the cloud with IBM Bluemix using Cloudant as your data layer.

  • Runtimes – Develop in any language using Cloudant as your application data layer. Bluemix has runtimes and boilerplates for Java, Node.js, .NET, Python, Ruby, and more.
  • Mobile – Build a secure and scalable Mobile application using a starter kit or Cloudant Sync libraries for iOS or Android.
  • IoT –Store your IoT data in Cloudant leveraging Watson IoT Foundation or NodeRED using this boilerplate.

Check out the Bluemix docs on how to leverage the CloudFoundry platform with Cloudant, the Cloudant docs for API and client libraries usage details, and the Cloudant Learning Center for tutorials and videos.