Cloudant Data Layer for Mobile Applications

Some of the fastest growing mobile application developers have built their back ends on the Cloudant Data Layer cloud database.

  • Scale without worry
  • No need for DBAs
  • Fast Development
  • Built-in mobile data replication & sync, full-text search, and data analytics

Cloudant Data Layer features:

  • Database as a service - hosted, scaled, administered for you
  • Stores self-describing JSON data objects ("documents")
  • Full-text search
  • Global data distribution
  • Co-located with your code on AWS, Azure, Joyent, SoftLayer, and others
  • Multi-tenant or single-tenant data layers
  • Data replication and sync
  • Start free, pay as you grow starting at $1USD per month

"The user experience is paramount to our success, and the mobile data replication and sync, and real-time analytics enabled by Cloudant on Heroku are a big part of that."
- David Hoffman, CTO, GAIN Fitness

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