Cloudant Geo

Easily handle massive spatial and temporal mobile device and IoT data with geospatial indexing and query.

Bring the power of Geo to the edge

  • Scalability - data size, concurrent users, multiple locations.
  • High Availability - Multiple copies of data are available from different nodes, data centers or even cloud providers so data is has no downtime.
  • Schema flexibility - A schema-less JSON/GeoJSON doc store lets users change schemas on the fly and ingest data from many sources in varied forms.
  • Offline access - 2-way and peer-to-peer sync delivers a seamless user experience in low or no bandwidth situations.
  • Data Replication - Multi-data center replication distributes geospatial data around the world, reducing latencies and delivering business continuity.

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The same REST API and libraries for NodeJS, Java, PHP, etc. work seamlessly with geospatial.

GIS over NoSQL

Build queries using polygons, rectangles, circles/ellipses, as well as perform nearest neighbor and predictive path analyses. Cloudant Geospatial supports most coordinate reference systems (CRS), so you can use proven and efficient CRS libraries.


Mobile Presence

Deliver time and location-specific content and understand your customers more completely.



No database is an island. The toughest part of any project is always moving data between systems. We lead data interoperability efforts through our work in the Open Geospatial Consortium and the World Wide Web Consortium and implement GeoJSON, GeoPackage and Web Feature Services.