Cloudant Geo

Easy GeoJSON storage with built-in spatial querying and map visualization.


  • Store – geospatial data in the popular GeoJSON format
  • Index – efficiently via algorithms optimized for spatial data
  • Query – using complex polygons and geometric relations normally only found in GIS software
  • Visualize – with interactive maps, powered by Mapbox, directly in the Cloudant dashboard
  • Offline access - so your app runs its fastest by reading & writing data from a local copy, powered by Cloudant bidirectional replication & sync


Interactively build complex geospatial queries using Cloudant’s integrated Mapbox visualizations.

A cross-country highway route, drawn in the Cloudant dashboard using Mapbox.js, a library for fast & interactive maps.

Easily copy the corresponding API call.

Adjust lat-long coordinates and other query parameters in the dashboard to avoid syntax errors.

Demo Apps & Tutorials

See Cloudant Geo in action in Field Work, an interactive Web app. Or learn more about GeoJSON storage in our 3-part technical tutorial, Location Tracker.

Demo – Field Work Tutorial – Location Tracker

GIS over NoSQL

Build queries using polygons, rectangles, circles/ellipses, as well as perform nearest neighbor and predictive path analyses. Cloudant Geospatial supports most coordinate reference systems (CRS), so you can use proven and efficient CRS libraries.


No database is an island. The toughest part of any project is always moving data between systems. We lead data interoperability efforts through our work in the Open Geospatial Consortium and the World Wide Web Consortium and implement GeoJSON, GeoPackage and Web Feature Services.