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Cloudant Sync for Large-Scale and Disconnected Apps

Managing user, machine, and environmental data for massive networks of mobile users or remote devices can be a scalability and availability nightmare. The problem is that most databases require updates to occur in a central, “master” database. This can result in performance bottlenecks and also prevent client apps from running if the connection to the master database is unavailable.

Cloudant Sync enables you to push database access to the farthest edge of the network —mobile devices, remote facilities, sensors, and internet-enabled goods, so that you can:

  • Scale bigger
  • Enable client apps to continue running off-line

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A New Data Layer Architecture for Big Mobile, and the “Internet of Things”

Cloudant Sync allows mobile and distributed apps to scale by replicating and synching data between multiple readable, writeable copies of the data in other data centers, and even on mobile iOS and Android devices. This is much easier and more cost efficient than growing a single, central database to handle all data collection.

Cloudant Sync simplifies large-scale mobile development by enabling you to create a single database for every user; you simply replicate and sync the copy of this database in Cloudant with a local copy on their phone or tablet (or vehicle, sensor, appliance, etc.). This can reduce round-trip database requests with the server. If there’s no network connection, the app runs off the database on the device; when the network connection is restored, Cloudant re-syncs the device and server. Some of Cloudant’s largest mobile developers, like Samsung, have scaled into the millions of databases.

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