Comparison of DBaaS

The following table is designed to help you understand the high-level differences between Cloudant and other DBaaS offerings.

Feature Cloudant Amazon DynamoDB Hosted MongoDB
Architecture JSON Document DB Key-Value Store BSON Document DB
Secondary Index fields Unlimited Index on 6 fields per table Unlimited
Full-text search Built-in,
2D & 3D Geo-spatial indexing & querying Advanced
No Basic
Replication & Sync Multi-master
None Master-slave
Fault-tolerance Cross-region/data center (multiple writeable masters) Cross-Availability Zone Cross-region/data center (single writeable master)
Data Durability Strong Strong Weaker
Declarative Query Language Yes - Cloudant Query No Yes - Query Documents
Global data distribution & geo load balancing Yes No No
Cloud Platforms Supported Multiple AWS Multiple
Bare-metal or Virtual Machines Both VMs only Both
Single- or Multi-tenant clusters Both Multi-tenant only Both

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