Cloudant Data Layer Service for Python

Some of the top web & mobile app developers use Cloudant to scale their data

Cloudant is the winner when huge scalability matters. It's a great relief to offload datastore operations onto Cloudant so you are free to focus on new development." - Jason Pearlman, OMGPOP

Cloudant for Python Apps - Grow into Your Data Layer, Not Out of It

  • Develop Fast - GET, PUT, Index, and Query JSON objects from Python via a RESTful API. Cloudant is schema-less, so you can develop new features without having to redesign your database or migrate data
  • Grow your database without worry - experts at Cloudant operate and scale it for you
  • Push your data to the edge - Cloudant distributes Python application data across the global network of data centers, or to your data center or individual mobile devices, for fast, non-stop access to data from anywhere
  • Build epic features - Built-in text search, data replication & synch, and MapReduce for advanced analytics, enable you to easily create an exceptional user experience for your customers

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Cloudant Technical Overview (PDF)
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